Clarity in an ever-changing market




Everyone applauds a free-spirited entrepreneur, yet few apply that theory when it comes time to managing their portfolio. At Eagle Rock Capital Partners, INC. we pride ourselves in bringing investors the ability to invest in opportunities usually geared solely for the Institutional or Ultra Wealthy Investor.  We offer our clients a full suite of Investment opportunities that include custom tailored wealth management, as well as access to Investment Banking products such as IPO's, Secondary's, and Private Placements.  We also provide access to a large array of Alternative Investments such as Private Equity, Real Estate, Hedge Funds, and Energy to name a few.  By allowing our clients access to some of the biggest names in these industries, we separate ourselves from our industry peers by bringing opportunities to the table that most other firms are unable to.  All accounts are held at National Financial Services, a Fidelity Company.